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How to be
We design your strategy.
  • Should I create a Facebook page or a Twitter account?
  • Should I write a blog about my business?
  • How can I increase my revenues thanks to social media?
  • Will I have the time to publish enough contents? And what contents?

Our job is to give you the best strategies to answer these questions and reach your objectives.
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How to make it
We build your tools.
  • Increase sales
  • Make your brand famous
  • Find new ideas
  • Motivate your employees
  • Teach your students

For any management or marketing issue, there is a clever way to accomplish your goal.
Our job is to design methods and build tools for you so you can get things done more efficiently.
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How to be
We teach you
the best practices.
  • How can I get fans and followers?
  • How can I create viral contents?
  • How can I monitor what is being said about my brand every day?
  • Should I respond to a bad review on my products?

Our job is to teach you what we know and make your social media initiatives durable.
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How to make it
We gamify.
Gamification is the art of using game mechanics (challenges, rewards, difficulty levels, learning curve, etc.) in a non-game context to accomplish any management or marketing goals with high efficiency.

From teaching to marketing, from human ressources to crisis management, there is always a fun and clever way to get things done.

Our job is to design and adapt these effective and engaging game methods to your needs.
How we can help you.
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Audit & Benchmark
  • Brand monitoring (mentions, sentiment, etc.)
  • Virtual communities and opinion leaders analysis
  • SEO and SMM analysis
  • Competitors study
  • Tools and technology evaluation
Digital strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Gamification strategy
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Webdesign & Apps
Responsive webdesign
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript development
  • CMS implementation
Social media development
  • Facebook applications
  • Social networks API implementation
Mobile development
  • iOS and Android applications
  • Geolocation based development
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Training programs
Our training programs
  • "How to manage my brand on social media" (7h)
  • "Facebook and Twitter best practices" (3h)
  • "The art of crowdsourcing" (3h)
  • "Gamification strategies" (3h)
  • "SEO best practices" (3h)
  • Customized training program (on demand)
What we do.
Frederic Lopez
Social media expert
After a PhD on branding in virtual communities, 5 years as a marketing consultant in communication agencies working with major brands, Frédéric takes now in charge all the marketing projects of Alt Shift clients.
Social media marketing
Community management
Marketing and brand strategy
Market study
Leveling up in Japanese
Julien Cotret
Technical director
After a master degree in computer science and a PhD in artificial Intelligence, Julien is now head of Alt Shift R&D and in charge of internal methodologies (mostly agile). As a technical expert he is still involved in state of the art web developement.
Scrum methodology
Personalization systems
Data analysis
Metrics Driven Design
Server administration
Han shot first
Vincent Noel
Head developer
Concept designer
Owner of a master degree in computer science and 3 years of experience as a developer in a world class video game company (Ubisoft), it's been 5 years now that Vincent deals daily with game-design, prototyping and web development. Vincent is nothing less than a multi-purpose technical expert.
Cloud development and management
Web deployment
Objective C
Sql and Key value databases
Tomorrow's opportunities arise from today's decisions.
François Malavieille - Co-founder, creative consultant
-"Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything"
Who we are.
With whom we worked.
iOs poetic game
Fly to the tops!
Come and discover the dream-like universe of Ascend and become the wind master. By generating gusts of wind, make your seed fly through the giant Eora Tree collecting connection nodes. But be careful of the fairies, they tend to become agressive when the wind deflects their path!

How to play?
  • With your fingertips, generate gusts of wind to make your seed fly through the Eora Tree
  • Make it fly towards the tree nodes pointed by the cursor
  • Try to connect all the tree nodes while avoiding the fairies
Geosocial MMO
The Anymas need your help!
Besyde allows players to participate in the defense of Eora, a parallel world in which creatures (the "anymas") protect a geolocated tree of life regularly attacked by pests.

How to play?
  • Rescue the trapped anymas on the map
  • Collect geolocated resources to grow your anymas
  • Fight the plagues with your team of anymas!

Available on Facebook here.
It's a secret...
The team is currenlty working on a new indie title. You will find here soon some pretty awesome artworks :)
Game laboratory
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